Operating on the Christmas tree market for over 30 years, Altitude 500 is now a key player in this sector, selling over 700,000 trees in 2011 to earn the company a top-five ranking in Europe. Headed by Louis Brasseur, the managing director, this family-run business remains a people-sized entity that is constantly seeking to improve customer satisfaction. The trees are produced on a 450-hectare site located in the centre of the Belgian Ardennes. The company is able to cope with all demands irrespective of the volumes thanks to the various partnerships it has forged throughout Europe.


A quality product because Altitude 500 does its utmost to ensure the highest standards are applied when producing our trees. A specialist team works throughout the year to ensure the trees are as looked after as well as possible. The team plays a key role in the company because it needs to operate according to the highest tree nursery principles so our customers can count on trees that are a cut above all the others.

An efficient administrative follow-up. Our administrative officer, Pascal Bauvir, has been involved with the company since the very early days. He makes sure requests are dealt with promptly and sees to it the logistical process is working smoothly during the peak season. A rapid response is of key importance in our business.

A personal touch in the service we provide. We are lucky to be able to enjoy the custom of international companies to underpin our high sales volume but it is crucial for us to grant the same importance to all our customers irrespective of their size. After all, customer satisfaction is where the success story begins! We are able to offer you all the varieties available on the Christmas tree market in an assortment of packaging formats.